Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

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We provide a high converting landing page design service in San Francisco. We have helped a lot of small businesses and startups with their landing page design and their conversation has been boosted by 38% averagely.

How long will the landing page design take?
Roughly it will take about 7 days.

How does the landing page design work?

1. Briefing & Research
We will need a brief from the client to determine branding objectives, brand values, desired customer perceptions, target market, and competitors. Based on the brief and doing some research we will present the client with visual references to understand our client’s aesthetic expectations.

2. Design Development
The design process will begin with the development of two (2) alternatives for the landing page. The client will select one of the two alternatives and make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve the desired concept and design.

3. Feedback an Revisions
We will present it again and the client can make some other corrections.

4. Approval and Delivery
Approval of final concept. With an approved landing page, the design process will continue with the development of the agreed deliverables and completion of all materials for execution and production according to the package.

What will you get?
1. 1 Page / Screen included
2. Source files
3. High-quality landing page for commercial use

Note: Coding is not included in this service.

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