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eCommerce : MCLAB

Established in 1998, Molecular Cloning Laboratories (MCLAB) is a leader in providing genomic research consumables and services to the Life Sciences community.

MCLAB.COM is a medium commercial website. It not only has all the eCommerce functions such as product listing,  order taking,  coupon generating, live tax calculation, online shipping, online payment, etc. It also has a lot of special functions such as collecting data from 10 local sequencing data generating server on real time and uploading them to the server, so customers will receive the data-ready notice and then download the data in their account.

The website also has the sample pickup models which allows the website administrators, drivers, and customers on the same page of cooperating together to get the work done. It also has online data analyzing and processing models, which really satisfied the customers.

It is hosted on a dedicated server to make sure the data can be uploaded and downloaded smoothly and won’t be affected by other shared websites.

Because of its well-designed SEO structure, even though has many competitors, a lot of its keywords are on the first page of Google, such as :

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